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KLARHEIT CALENDAR weekly overview examples

hallo klarheit calendar weekly overview examples



People are different. Context, challenges, goals and individual wishes and needs vary. From person to person, and from life phase to life phase. You probably need something different than your friends or colleagues. Sometimes you want to document more, sometimes plan more, sometimes reflect more. With the KLARHEIT CALENDAR weekly overview everything works. All at once or one after the other.

The weekly overview can be adjusted to your current wants & needs. In the following we will show you some examples. Just try out what appeals to you. Or find your very own way. :-)

1. Space for your tasks & appointments.


KLARHEIT CALENDER weekly overview tasks & appointments

Do you know that overwhelming feeling of having too much? Everything in your head? This is where KLARHEIT comes into play: Enter all appointments and important tasks for the week in your weekly view.

The week view offers you the perfect framework for a goal-oriented organization of your everyday life. Refreshingly offline. By knowing where everything stands, you relieve your head and new space is created.


2. Be creative.

KLARHEIT CALENDER weekly overview be creative

Let your creativity run wild! You don't have to do anything. You don't have to use KLARHEIT as a calendar for your tasks and appointments either. Here is a little inspiration for you: Ask yourself every day, which one thing do you look forward to the most? And then enter this thing in the form of a sketch - or in whatever form - in the column of each day.

A colourful KLARHEIT gives you a lot of joy and lightness. Your goals for the week can also simply be "NOTHING".


3. Achieving your goals. With focus. 

KLARHEIT CALENDER weekly overview achieving goals focus

We developed KLARHEIT to help you achieve your goals and organize your daily life. Without stress. Use the weekly overview to keep track of your most important tasks and goals.

What do you want to achieve by the end of the week? And what are your specific tasks?

You can use positive affirmations that motivate you to stay on track. (You'll get inspiration from us every week.) Make the good things visible: important progress and insights, good things that happened. When you turn back after a few weeks, you will see how things have changed.

For focused power, breaks are also super important! Take your time. So you can take care of yourself and your energy.



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Der neue Kalenderteil 5.0

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Welche KLARHEIT ist die richtige für mich?

Jeder Jeck is anders. Und genau deshalb haben wir für jeden die richtige KLARHEIT. Egal wie die Umstände und Vorlieben sind. 

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